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We Like Man Nipples

Don't You?

I like Man Nipples
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This is a rating community dedicated to the wonderful thing that is the male chest.

In this community you are to post pictures of your chest to be judged just like any other rating community. I'm sure we all know how this works, but we are to set up a few ground rules first.


1. Post pictures of YOUR chest first, once you're accepted, feel free to post all sorts of sexi chests.

2. NO girl chests......men's chests are hott.

3. LJ-cut lots of pics or obscene pictures.

4. NUDITY IS A-OKAY! Just LJ-cut it.

5. When first posting try to keep it strictly chest and stomach. Full body shots can be saved for after.

6. NO big saggy man chests.....we want some sort of tone or definition. Not havin the biggest pecs is ok, you don't have to work out all the time.... just no man titties, if you need a bra... then don't try.

7. Feel free to show pictures of someone playing with your nipples, that's hott.

Alright, that's it for now, more shall be written as needed. Enjoy this community for all the hottness it can bring.